Hidden Beliefs

There are beliefs in our culture for which people have never considered the source. One of those is our ideas about justice and morality. See Nate’s talk explaining the problems with seeking morality apart from God and why morality must find its source in an unchanging and good God.

Nate’s February 11 ACG Talk

Nate’s Talk: The Pursuit

As I regularly do, I spoke recently at the first weekly large group meeting of the year. You can see my talk starting at the 16:30 mark. At that meeting I was beginning a series on The Pursuit, talking that evening about where real confidence comes from in our pursuit of God.

See my talk on YouTube

Sermon: Doubt Monster

While we don’t record our talks at our weekly meeting, Nate did speak at our church, Grace Bible Church. He spoke to the question: Why does God choose to use a messed up group like the church? This relates very much to our work on campus and how we approach students to talk to them about our faith. Our focus can’t be on ourselves, how we act or the things we avoid. Our focus has to be on the true treasue and source of life, Jesus Christ.

Listen to Nate’s Sermon: God shines more brightly through cracked pots